With the vast amount of events to bet on at InstaBET, it is important to understand each type of bet and its rules. That is why, below we will explain the types of bets we offer, so you can enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Straight Bets:

Are single wagers made on the Spread, Moneyline or Total. All you need to do to win a straight bet, is to correctly wager on the team that covers the spread, or if the two teams cover the over or under.

Spread example:

Flamengo -1.5 goals vs. Palmeiras +1.5 goals.

  • If you bet on Flamengo, they must win by 2 or more goals to win the bet.
  • If the bet is on the Palmeiras, they must win by any score or lose by less than two goals to win the bet.

Total example:

The over/under on Flamengo vs Palmeiras is 2.5 goals.

  • If you took the “under”, you need a combined score of no more than 2 goals to win your bet. However, if you took the “over” you need the game to have a combined score of 3 or more goals to win.

Note: If the over/under on the game was 3, and the combined score of the game lands exactly on 3, the bet will be graded as no-action, so your wager will be refunded.


Moneyline Bets:

Are types of bets on a team to win outright by any score. You can risk a lot to win a R$1.000 on favorites, or risk a R$1.000 to win a lot on underdogs (non-favorites to win).

For example:

  1. Brazil   1.21
  2. China   15.00
  3. Draw   7.00

In this case, if you risk a R$1.000 on Brazil, you only win R$210, but if you risk a R$1.000 on China, you win R$1500. If the teams tie, and you bet the draw R$1.000 pays back R$7.000.

Soccer MoneyLines:

All 1X2 bets or 3-way money-line bets, have three results: Home Team, Visiting Team or Tie. When the game ends in a draw, all home or visiting team bets will be considered losses. All matches must complete 90 min. regulation time for the bet to stand, and suspended games will be considered invalid.

Two-way Lines:

Have a home team and a visitor team. In such game markets if there is a draw in 90 min. regulation + injury time, overtime and/or shoot outs will not be included and bets will be voided. Certain markets will have exceptions in which overtime is included and therefore this will be stated in the market header.

Handicap/Goal Line or Spread:

Goals are subtracted from the favorite team’s final score in order to make the uneven games more balanced and making disparities between the 2 teams smaller. On the other hand, the weaker or least favorite team is given Goals that will be added to their final score at the end of the game making it easier for the player who chooses that team to win.

For example:

  • Real Madrid     -1½ (+1.81)
  • FC Barcelona   +1½ (+1.91)



Are a combination of straight bets tied together for greater payout odds.

On ties, parlays revert down to the lower number, and the odds are adjusted accordingly.

A tie, on a 2-team parlay, reverts down to a straight bet.

Any loss in a parlay will result in a losing bet.

For example:

On a 5-team parlay with:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs -7pts at 1.91 odds
  2. San Francisco 49ers -5pts at 1.91 odds
  3. Las Vegas Raiders pk/0pts at 1.91 odds
  4. New York Giants +10pts at 1.91 odds
  5. Miami Dolphins +3pts at 1.91 odds

Risking R$1.000 pays R$24.000

Payment Table for Parlays

2 TEAMS 2.6/1
3 TEAMS 6/1
4 TEAMS 12/1
5 TEAMS 24/1
6 TEAMS 47/1
7 TEAMS 91/1
8 TEAMS 175/1
9 TEAMS 300/1
10 TEAMS 600/1
11 TEAMS 750/1
12 TEAMS 900/1
13 TEAMS 1500/1
14 TEAMS 2000/1
15 TEAMS 3000/1

Note: These payments are calculated based on a fixed fee of 1.91.


Round Robins:

Are multi-team bets between 3-8 teams These teams are then used to create as many 2, 3, or 4 team parlay combinations as possible. In a round-robin bet, the amount you bet is the amount that is bet, on each parlay. So, on a $100 3-teamer, you are risking $300.

For example, on a 3-teamer:

If Teams A, B and C are chosen, the following combinations of 2-team Combined Bets will be created:

1) A/B         2) B/C       3) A/C

In the event that any of the selections result in a draw or the game or event is postponed, then the bet will be reversed and recalculated to the lower level.

For example:

A combined bet containing four selections and resulting in a draw will be reverted to a three-team multiple bet. This rule applies to multiple bets of three or more choices. In 2-team multiple bets, a draw converts the bet into a single bet. If only one of the selections in a multiple bet results in a loss, then the full bet will also be qualified as a loss.


Buying Points:

Players can purchase points and apply these points to their selections to increase their chances of winning. Points can only be purchased in sports or leagues whose scores are defined by score, i.e. basketball and football (Sports such as soccer or hockey are determined by goals and do not count).

You can buy 3 points on single bets and 1 point on the combined bets. The cost per half point (1/2) is applied above the total amount at risk, i.e. if the Handicap shows the Nets +5pts at 1.91 odds and the player acquires a point, it will be set to +6pts at 2.30 odds.



Are types of football and basketball bets where your given points to adjust the spread in your favor. You can do 2-10 team teasers.

For example:

  • New York Giants -7pts
  • San Francisco 49ers -7pts

On a 7pt 2-team Teaser, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers are now a PK (zero pts to cover in order to win). So, they can win by any score to cash in your bet.


Ties on Standard Teasers or commonly known as Vegas Teasers, revert down to the lower number.

For example:

A tie on a 10 team Vegas Teaser, reverts down to a 9 teamer, if there are 2 ties, then it reverts down to an 8 teamer. Payout odds will adjust accordingly.

However, on a 2 team Vegas teaser, a tie would result in “no action” (a wager refund), because it would basically revert down to a straight bet buying more points than allowed.

Special Teasers:

Allow you even more points to adjust the spread in your favor. You can do 3 or 4 teams. On Special Teasers any tie is a loss. There are simply too many points given to the player to allow a tie.

Football and Basketball Special Teasers Odds:

3 teams   10pts in football     1.83

3 teams   7pts in basketball   1.83

4 teams   13pts in football     1.77

4 teams   9pts in basketball   1.77

*You may mix football and basketball.


Football Teaser Odds Chart


TEAMS 6 pts 6½ pts 7  pts
2 TEAMS 1.83/1 1.77/1 1.71/1
3 TEAMS 2.50/1 2.35/1 1.83/1
4 TEAMS 3.35/1 3.15/1 3.00/1
5 TEAMS 4.50/1 4.20/1 4.00/1
6 TEAMS 6.50/1 6.00/1 5.75/1
7 TEAMS 9.00/1 8.00/1 7.00/1
8 TEAMS 14.00/1 12.00/1 10.00/1
9 TEAMS 21.00/1 16.00/1 13.00/1
10 TEAMS 26.00/1 21.00/1 17.00/1


Basketball Teaser Odds Chart

TEAMS 4 pts 4½ pts 5  pts
2 TEAMS 1.83/1 1.77/1 1.71/1
3 TEAMS 2.50/1 1.74/1 2.20/1
4 TEAMS 3.35/1 3.15/1 3.00/1
5 TEAMS 4.50/1 4.20/1 4.00/1
6 TEAMS 6.50/1 6.00/1 5.75/1
7 TEAMS 9.00/1 8.00/1 7.00/1
8 TEAMS 14.00/1 12.00/1 10.00/1
9 TEAMS 21.00/1 16.00/1 13.00/1
10 TEAMS 26.00/1 21.00/1 17.00/1

If Bets:

An if bet is a type of bet that consists of at least two straight bets joined together by an if clause that determines the wager process. If the player’s first selection complies with the condition (clause), then the second selection will have action; if the second selection complies with the condition, then the third selection will have action and so will the fourth and last selection allowed by our House rules.

In this way, each bet on the Betting Ticket is directly dependent on the development or outcome of the previous bet, and will be validated as long as the previous bet wins or draws. The biggest advantage is the ability to bet multiple selections with a single amount, which increases with each qualifying bet in victory. Similarly, a maximum of 3 points can be adjusted in each of the selections.

There are two types of If-Bets:

  • Single Action: The bet proceeds only if the first leg is a winner.
  • Double Action: The bet proceeds if the first leg wins, ties or cancels.

For example, on an If-Bet Single Action:

A R$100 2 Teamer:

    1. The New Orleans Saints -5pts to win R$100.
    2. San Francisco 49ers +4pts to win R$100.

    Total win amount will be R$200

    • If the New Orleans Saints win by 6 points or more, the leg with San Francisco has action.
    • If the New Orleans Saints covers the point spread and San Francisco doesn’t, the total result of the bet would be -R$10
    • If the New Orleans Saints loses, there is no action on San Francisco, so the total result would be -$110
    • If both teams cover the spread, you earn R$200.
    • If the New Orleans Saints wins by 6, and the 49ers push, the result of the play is +R$100.

    Same example on an If Bet but with Double Action:

    • If the Saints win by 5 points (a tie), San Francisco still has action.
    • If New Orleans covers the point spread and San Francisco doesn’t, the total result of the bet would be -R$10
    • If New Orleans loses, there is no action on San Francisco, so the total result would be -R$110
    • If both teams cover the spread, you earn R$200
    • If New Orleans wins, and the 49ers push, the result of the play is +R$100.


Reverse If Bets:

Are conditional bets, from 2-10 teams, where all selections combine, to create double-action, conditional bet combinations of 2 teams, that have to result in a Win, Tie or Cancellation.

For example:

If you have selections A and B would create a set of 2 conditional bets:

1) A & B   2) B & A



Are single wagers placed on the outcome of future events.

For example:

A future bet may involve picking the winner of the Copa Libertadores, Champions League, the Super Bowl or the MLB’s World Series.



Props or Proposition bets, are single wagers placed on outcomes that are not directly related to the final score of an event. Proposition bets can be placed on sporting events, politics and various other topics (how many field goals will be made? who will win the next election?). Odds (in moneyline format) are posted for each possible outcome. Propositions can’t be included in a parlay.



In matchups or head-to-head wagers, the oddsmaker takes two golfers, tennis players, racers, boxers, UFC fighters or competitors, in a tournament or event, and pairs them against each other. Sportsbooks offer money line odds with one competitor being listed as the favorite and the other being listed as the underdog. In order to win a matchup bet, the competitor you select must finish the tournament or event ahead of the other player listed in the matchup.

For example:

  • Anthony Joshua +1.10
  • Kubrat Pulev +7.00


  • Manny Pacquiao +1.63
  • Mikey Garcia +2.20


Tournament/ Odds to win:

On Tournaments and events, in which we have multiple individuals or competitors, all fighting for a top position. We have a Money Line, for players to predict who will win.  It also includes the field option (all other competitors not mentioned on the list).

  1. Kyle Bush       +2.00
  2. Brad Keselowski +3.25
  3. Justin Allgaier + 13.00
  4. Chase Briscoe +17.00
  5. Daniel Hemric +23.00
  6. Ross Chastain +34.00
  7. Field +26.00

Last updated: April, 2020.