Slot machines Game Rules

Online slots are very simple to play. First, you place your bet, then spin the reels. You can use any bonus features and collect your payout when you hit a winning combination. Of course, with the multitude of slot games available today, there are plenty of differences when it comes to design, game style, special features and payouts to keep you playing for hours on end.

  • Classic Slots: Classic slots have spinning reels and can have anywhere from one to several paylines that players can activate. You win if the symbols on your activated paylines match one of the winning combinations on the payout table. Activated paylines can be found either horizontally, vertically and, in some cases, diagonally on the reels.
  • Video slots: Video slots are almost identical to classic slots except they have more bonus features and are generally far more visually stunning, particularly when you hit winning combinations. Another big difference from classic to new-age video slots is that paylines on video slots can often be far more unusual and complicated, with crisscross, zigzag and V-shaped patterned payouts.

Select your coin level bets and the number of paylines you wish to activate. Once you place your bets and select your paylines, hit the Spin button. When the reels stop, our software automatically highlights any winning combinations and will credit any payouts to your bankroll.

Again, there are generally far more bonus features to be aware of in online video slots as opposed to classic slots, so make sure you’re paying attention to all of your chances to win. If you activate any bonus features, these will play out before you are awarded your winnings for that round.


Game Buttons Information

Here is a basic overview of game buttons so you can hit the tables with everything you need to get the best experience.

  • AutoPlay: Clicking the AutoPlay button allows you to set the presets for several games in a row, without having to set your wager and number of activated paylines each time. If you select this option, you need to set your desired coin level, the number of lines you wish to activate, and then specify the number of games you wish to play in a row. You cancel the feature at any time by simply clicking the Stop button.
  • Bet Max: This button activates all possible pay-line bets and also starts the reels spinning. Simply set your coin level and then click Bet Max to play.
  • Bet One: Click this to bet on a single pay line at a time. When you’re ready to spin the reels, hit the Spin button to set the game in motion.
  • Spin: Click this button to play the game by setting the reels spinning.
  • Settings: This button is located on the top right corner of your screen. It gives you access to many useful settings options such as game history, general settings, audio and game settings, and the specific game’s rules.


Blackjack Game Rules

One of the very best aspects of playing Blackjack is its timeless simplicity! No matter how many players, there are, you’re always playing against the dealer.

The value of each chip is easily displayed on the game’s main screen. Place the amount you want to wager to start in the designated area then hit ‘Deal’ in order to receive your cards. You are then dealt two cards, with one facing up and the other, face down. Then, depending on the cards you received and the total they add up to, you can then either ‘Hit’ to receive another card from the dealer or ‘stand’ in order to stay with the cards you already have. A third option is also available, this option allows you to ‘split’ if you received a ‘pair’, meaning two of the same cards (e.g. 6-6, or 9-9). Splitting allows you to make two separate hands with two separate bets. Each available option is always displayed on the screen.

The player always makes the first move and the idea is to come as close to 21 without going over that figure or ‘bust’ as it’s called when this happens. Once the dealer completes his turn, the two hands are compared and whoever has come closest to 21, wins. If both hands finish in a draw (often called a push), the player will have their wager (or stake) returned to the bankroll.

Game Buttons

Here’s a quick review of the available buttons you’ll see when you sit at our blackjack tables.

  • Deal: This button starts the ‘deal’ action once all wagers are placed.
  • Double/Double Down: The double down option is only available at the start of a game with the two initial cards. This button allows players to place an additional bet for the same amount as the initial wager and draw one more card to see the result.
  • Hit: This button allows the player to receive another card from the dealer to try to improve their hand. Of course, if you go over 21, you’re busted!
  • Insurance: In today’s Blackjack, any player can take ‘insurance’ against the dealer hitting blackjack and only lose half of their bet when this happens.
  • Split: Remember, if you have a pair (e.g. 8-8) you can split the pair to make two separate hands to play during that round. You’ll easily see when the option is available to click on. Just remember that your second hand will carry another wager for the same amount as the original wager.
  • Stand: This means you don’t want to receive any more cards and prefer to keep your hands as it is. The dealer finishes playing his/her hand and then both hands are compared. As always, if your hand beats the dealer’s, you will receive a payout.
  • Rebet: This button allows you to make a bet using the same amount as previously wagered.


Baccarat Game Rules

The objective of the game is simple: A player can bet on either hand dealt on the table, this meaning the “player” or the “banker”. Whichever hand comes closest to 9, wins. One of the best things about this game is its low House Edge. If you bet on the player’s hand, its percentage is around 1.36%, while betting on the banker’s hand is at around 1.17%.

Types of Bets

If you choose to bet on the player’s hand, you must place your chips in the “Player” area. After the drawing and dealing are done, if that hand is higher than the dealer’s, you win even money and no commission is charged. Just like the player’s hand, you can choose the banker’s hand by placing a chip in the “Banker” area. And if that hand is greater than the player’s, you win even money, but you are charged a standard 5% commission fee on the amount you won. If you choose to bet on a tie, you have to place your chips on the “Tie” area or the number on your seat. This bet pays 8 to 1 with no commission.

Game Buttons Information

  • Deal: Confirms your bet and deals the cards.
  • Repeat: This button places the previous rounds’ wagers onto the table
  • Clear: Clears any chips and cards that are on the table.
  • Undo: This button cancels the previous bet change action.


Roulette Game Rules

The object of the game is to either pick a number or color and have the ball on the game’s spinning wheel end up on either the number or color you picked.

First, place your bets on the ‘table’ on your screen. All available bets are easily displayed on the screen by our software and highlighted once you make your selections. Simply click on the chip amount you wish to wager, then place the chip on the desired table field you want to wager on whether it’s a number or color. If you make a mistake, don’t worry you can correct it by hitting clear, this will clear any chips that are on the table. Remember, each click adds one chip of the denomination you choose. When you’re finished placing your wagers, hit the Spin button. The wheel will turn and once it stops, you’ll know whether you’ve won or not with the game’s software highlighting any winning wager and paying out all winning wagers directly to your bankroll.

Game Buttons Information

This overview is designed to help you understand what they are for, so you can go to the wheel informed and ready to play.

  • Spin: Confirms your bet and starts the round
  • Double: This button will double your wager chips that are on the table.
  • Repeat: Places the previous rounds’ wagers onto the table
  • Clear Bets: Stay calm! If you’ve made a mistake while placing your bets, click this button before the wheel is set in motion. It will clear your bets so you can start over again and place your chips exactly where you want to!

On most games, look at the top right corner of your screen for more game options and settings like checking your game history or adjusting general, audio and game settings. You can also learn all about the game’s rules under the ‘Help’ option.

Craps Game Rules

Craps is actually a simple game, and once you get the handle of it, you are in for hundreds of hours of fun. Although there are rules for every bet, it only takes a couple of games before you master it completely.

The bet that is played the most is the “Pass Line” bet where the players put chips before the game begins. You simply then do a come-out roll and cast the dice. If you get a 7 or 11, you’ve won. On the other hand, if you get 2,3 or 12 you lose. But if your come-out roll is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, you just got the point number. This means that you have to get that number in the following rolls in order to win. If you get a seven during these rolls, you lost. For example, if 3 becomes your point number, and you roll five numbers as follows: 5, 6, 8, 11, and 12 you did nothing and you must continue before you either get a 3 and win or get a 7 and lose. Other types of bets on the table include:

  • Come: These bets are placed after the point is established.
  • Don’t Pass: Contrary to Pass Line, you win if you get 2 or 3 and lose on 7 and 11 (12 is a push).
  • Don’t Come: Inverted come.
  • Odds Bets: Side bets placed after the established point.
  • Place Lose: After a point, you get to choose one of the numbers and win if 7 is rolled before those numbers.
  • Place Win: You win if the chosen number is rolled before 7.
  • Buy Bets: Similar to place win with higher wins and a 5% commission.
  • Lay Bets: Similar to place loss with higher wins and a 5% commission.
  • Big 6 and Big 8: Win if a 6 or an 8 is rolled before 7.
  • Hardways: A hard number is a double (hard 8 is a double 4).
  • Field Bet: Win if you get 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12, lose if you get other numbers.
  • Proposition Bet: Straightforward prediction for the next roll.

To place a bet, select the chip denomination from the screen.  Once selected, click on the desired bet marker on the table to place the bet. Continue to click on the bet markets to increase your bet.

Game Buttons Information

  • Clear: This button will clear your bets.
  • Roll: Click this button to Roll the dices to start winning.

Video Poker Game Rules

The traditional Video Poker machines would allow you to very limited betting options, while the new video poker games are more versatile when it comes to that. However, the principle is the same, you place a bet before you are given 5 cards and the bigger the bet is, the bigger your winnings will be if you manage to have a winning hand.

There are no other players in this type of game and there is actually no dealer. It is just you against yourself and the goal is to create a winning hand. However, the process of dealing is done 2 times. The first is the initial dealing and it is conducted after you place a bet. When you take a look at your cards, you get to choose which ones you want to hold. Those which are not labeled as “hold” are replaced in the second dealing. Once they are chosen, you get to see whether you won according to the paytable that is usually displayed right above the game.

Game Buttons Information

  • Hold: This button selects the cards to keep.
  • Bet Min: This button sets your coin level to the minimum amount to play.
  • Coins: Click this button to cycle through the available bet values.
  • Bet Max: This button sets your coin level to the maximum amount to play.
  • Deal: Confirms your bet and deals the cards.


Live Casino Game Rules

Live Blackjack: In the event that a player loses connectivity or times out during the live game, any bets made will remain in play as they would in a land-based casino resulting in a win, loss, or push. If a player fails to respond within the allotted time for any reason it will result in the hand being completed according to the optimal player strategy known as Basic Strategy. Completing a hand which has lost connectivity or timed out is done in the player’s best interest and to serve those back betting on the hand.