Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly
Do not miss a single moment of action! Place your bets anytime, anywhere with our mobile platform.
InstaBET’s mobile platform offers you a personalized gaming experience, whether you play sports, casino games or horse racing, so you can enjoy them with the utmost passion.
Place your bets anytime, anywhere with our mobile platform, which has a fast, comfortable and simple interface, so you can place any type of bets quickly.
Using our mobile platform, you can make deposits to your account quickly, easily and securely, to take advantage of the wide range of industry-leading incentives through bonuses and special promotions for an epic winning experience.
You will also be able to access the most extensive information, records and statistics of the most important sporting events in Brazil, such as: the Brasileiro Serie A and Serie B, the Volleyball Super League, the NBB, among others, but also from world leagues such as the NFL, NBA and MLB, as well as the best soccer on the planet with its most important leagues, the Spanish League, the English Premier League and the Seria A of Italy and much much more!
So, don’t miss a single moment of the action!
Place your bets on our mobile platform and get an epic winning experience!